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Technician - Painter

Date:  12 Jul 2024
Company:  Action Hospitality (ACH)

Sharjah, AE

Country:  AE

Speical Note

This position will be on the rolls of Action Hospitality - a group company of Air Arabia group. 

Job Purpose

The purpose of this role is to perform new and maintenance painting work in residential & commercial buildings and to ensure work is in accordance with all standards of building codes and safety. 

Key Result Responsibilities

Operational Excellence 

  • Performs any duties and responsibilities that are within the scope of employment, as assigned by the supervisor/Engineer In-Charge, coordinates with co-workers for the project.
  • Reviews assigned tasks with the Engineer-in-Charge to gain full understanding of the work, priorities, requirements and cautions, prior to starting work. 
  • Prepares or works from blue prints, plans, drawings and specifications in accordance with the building codes, safety and approved trade practices.  
  • Performs scheduled work ensuring that the required tools are obtained, used and returned per issued instructions. 
  • Inspects surfaces and identifies defects and the need for adjustment or repair to ensure safety and compliance with codes. 
  • Paints the interior and exterior of structures, buildings and other surfaces taking into consideration both practical and aesthetic benefits.  
  • Applies varnish and other finishes where needed. 
  • Carries on-site preparations such as building scaffolding and covering fixtures.   
  • Prepares walls and other surfaces for painting by scraping, using sandpaper, removing old paint, and filling cracks and holes. 
  • Mixes paint and other material to prepare the right colour or texture. 
  • Arranges for material from approved suppliers for painting work. 
  • Regularly reports the status of assigned tasks to the Engineer-in-Charge and alerts him or her to any problems with the execution of the work. 
  • Demonstrates high level of consideration to housekeeping standards in all tasks performed. 


  • Manages the safety of own assigned maintenance tasks, ensuring all published mandatory precautions are taken prior to commencing work and during task execution. 
  • Takes positive steps to protect self and other persons in the area of the maintenance activity from any possible injury, including the use of protective equipment. 
  • Pays attention to human factors aspects of maintenance, ensuring that work interruption procedures are followed, and that adequate access and lighting is used for maintenance and inspections. 
  • Uses & wears necessary equipment for safety like safety shoos ,helmet ,gloves protection glass, etc.               

Reputation and Teamwork 

  • Internal Customer Service: provides helpful information and support to own team and to other department personnel involved with managing scheduled construction/maintenance work. 
  • Presents a positive and competent image of technical professionalism to other companies’ personnel and company customers. 

Cost Awareness 

  • Maintains positive awareness to the cost of maintenance including use of time and materials. Minimizes unnecessary waste of consumable material and part repair cost by avoiding unnecessary damage and repeat work during maintenance. 

Qualifications (Academic, training, languages)

  • Candidate must possess relevant qualification required for this position. 
  • Demonstrates a positive attitude all times. 
  • Well organized, capable of arranging work assignments as needed. 
  • Manual dexterity with excellent balance to work on scaffolding, ladders etc. 
  • Dynamic and physically fit for the job, requires frequent movement and physical effort. 
  • Good basic math skills 
  • Fair English Language (written and spoken).  

Work Experience

  • 2-3 years of relevant technical experience in the related field in any engineering/construction/maintenance company is a must. 
  • Very good knowledge of painting material and how to select, mix and apply them. 
  • Solid knowledge of commercial and/or construction painting techniques. 
  • Aptitude in using appropriate tools (brushes, caulking guns etc.) 
  • Ability to follow verbal and written instructions and express updates accordingly. 
  • Ability to understand assignments and perform tasks according to priorities and logical order. 
  • Cooperative team player demonstrates ability to work in a multicultural environment. 
  • Willing to work on shift pattern (24/7) and long working hours. 
  • Multi-task oriented with high detail orientation. 
  • Reliable, self-motivated displays energy and enthusiasm. 
  • Demonstrates the ability to contribute and successfully deliver against set KPIs. 

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