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Project Manager - Component Pool Management

Date:  14 Jun 2024
Company:  Air Arabia PJSC (G9)

Sharjah, AE

Country:  AE


The role involves leading and establishing Air Arabia’s captive central part pool under the Total Component Management (TCM) program. The objective is to develop a comprehensive solution encompassing pool planning, budgeting, procurement, warehousing, inventory management, and logistics. The role includes building a team structure integrated with interfacing work streams, establishing SOPs and KPIs, and ensuring efficient support for fleet operations. It focuses on project planning, expediting, and implementing the TCM program, including identifying automation systems and AI/ML use cases for predictive inventory planning. The goal is to reduce the total cost of ownership, enhance productivity, and ensure optimal pool stock and supplies. Additionally, the role aims to enhance revenue through a pool exchange program.

Key Result Responsibilities

  • Develops the TCM program structure for Air Arabia (G9 and hubs) including scheduling, budgeting, and resource planning.
  • Organizes & coordinates meetings and publishes project progress dashboard.  Identifies the key dependencies, risks and expedites the program by managing the constraints.
  • Leads multiple stakeholders including Engineering, Maintenance, Quality, OEMs and existing pool service provider to design and finalize the pool inventory size, inventory min max planning and coordinate with Engineering Procurement for tendering and acquisition of pool components.
  • Leads and implements the TCM program within timeline and budget ensuring smooth transition from TCS to TCM.
  • Designs TCM team structure interfacing with various work stream, build the competent and efficient team to manage operations of TCM program.  Defines the roles and responsibilities of the TCM team and provides guidance and mentoring to the team.
  • Develops detailed SOP covering 360 TCM solution covering pool planning, budgeting, procurement, AOG support, sophisticated warehousing, inventory management & logistics management. SOPs encompass pool component inventory, safety stock, refill, repair and return of unserviceable components to ensure cost efficient and productive fleet operations. 
  • Engages and involves key stakeholders from G9 and hubs to incorporate projected fleet growth, scheduled activities, EO, SB, SD planning and budget whilst maintaining the required stock levels.
  • Efficiently manages the ad-hoc requirements when needed to reduce AOG. 

Key Result Responsibilities (continuation)

  • Measure, monitor and manage the performance KPIs of robust sourcing strategies for the pool component, and support to the Airline’s Base and hubs to achieve component availability within SLA timelines as per the category of requirement (AOG/REPLN/CAT A, B etc.).  
  • Oversees expediting of repair and return of unserviceable components under TCM to ensure no adverse impact on the pool inventory.
  • Develops and spearheads use cases to optimize component planning to reduce TCO and improvise SLA using AI/ML, AMOS data analytics and automation in collaboration with technology partners.
  • Establishes and maintains strong relationships with key suppliers and OEMs, repair shops to leverage partnership and enforce KPI and Service Levels.
  • Identifies and implements cost-saving initiatives and strategies as per annual KPIs.
  • Prepares and presents MIS and performance reports of TCM program.
  • Oversees the stable operations of TCM program.
  • Develops partnerships with OTA for pool resource sharing.

Qualifications (Academic, training, languages)

  • Bachelor degree in supply chain management/engineering or a related field
  • Certified Professional in Project Management or equivalent certification is a plus.
  • Proficiency in AMOS, RSPL Planning
  • Excellent negotiation, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Fluent in English Language.

Work Experience

  • 15 years of experience in component pool management - material planning and sourcing, component supply and services suppliers selection and quality management
  • Experienced in Inventory planning using analytics tools to design optimal pool inventory.
  • Experience with Airbus A320 components planning and sourcing. 
  • Relative understanding of airworthiness programs requirements and regulations CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization). 
  • Exposure to the respective Civil Aviation Authority rules and regulations pertaining to the Engineering Maintenance, policies, procedures, manuals, and licensing would be an added value
  • Proven ability to develop and implement procurement strategies and cost-saving initiatives.
  • Experience on Emerging application of data science, AI/ML in supply chain management.

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