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Network Planning Controller

Date:  17-Nov-2020
Company:  Air Arabia PJSC (G9)

Sharjah, AE

Job Purpose

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">The purpose of this role is to coordinate airport slots, develop and regularly review Flight schedules for Air Arabia, and facilitate charter flights and requests with a key objective of optimum aircraft usage on profitable routes.  He/she contributes to the long-term/short-term flight planning ensuring effectiveness in productivity in line with the set measures and company’s adopted policies and procedures<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">.

Key Result Responsibilities

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">1. Acts as the main contact for IATA and Airport Authorities relating to coordination of slots, Civil Aviation regulations, IATA calendar, IATA policies and procedures as well as conferences.

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">2. Communicates with Airports Authorities and Civil Aviation to obtain traffic rights and approvals on slots for Air Arabia.  Negotiates changes and schedules with airports based on business need, commercial requirements and availability.

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">3. Designs/ modifies short-term flight schedules based on available and future delivery of aircrafts; loads schedules for sales on both planning and reservation systems ensuring optimum aircraft utilization (minimum average 14 block hours) per aircraft per day. 

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">4. Checks and verifies schedules to identify any inconsistency, mistakes or discrepancies in schedules prior to validation.  Refers to input from different sources such as Operations, Country Mangers, Cabin Services, Revenue Management, etc.

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">5. Obtains timely approvals from Airports and Civil Aviation Authorities on all scheduled and extra flights as per adopted procedures.  Manages schedule changes resulting from different causes such as operational requirements, commercial reasons, airport slots approvals, or weather conditions, etc.

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">6. Partners with Revenue Management on any cancellations, combining or addition of flights to ensure optimum utilization and profit; executes re-scheduling of flights and connecting flights, loads to system and communicates accordingly. 

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">7. Handles all communication related to scheduling and changes in certain emergencies or last minute updates. Co-ordinates and assists dispatch to manage flight schedule disruptions caused due to AOG or other unforeseen circumstances.

Key Result Responsibilities - Continued

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">8. Prepares charter agreements and quotations, plans, loads and executes schedules to accommodate charter and irregular flights based on agreed plan, availability and airport approvals. Follows up on operations to ensure successful delivery.

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">9. Works closely with Engineering Planning / maintenance teams to finalize scheduling of aircrafts for maintenance ensuring smooth checks with minimal disruption.

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">10. Co- manages the maintenance schedules of the different types such as the A (1-10 days/regular check) and C (above 750 hours/major check), depending on flights schedules, and aircraft availability.

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">11. Manages the short-term fleet planning and distribution of aircrafts among the assigned hubs based on approved plan, agreements with civil aviation authorities, and airports’ approval in the corresponding hub/destination. <span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Partners with Country Managers, Legal and Commercial Departments to execute the plans effectively ensuring maximum utilization of aircrafts.

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">12. Maintains an accurate and up-to-date database and documents control of all function-related contacts, agreements, schedules, documents, certificates, etc.

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">13. Establishes/ maintains communication with all free-schedule publishing mediums to ensure Air Arabia’s schedules are widely distributed and updated on regular basis. Coordinates with support teams, mainly Information Technology and ISA, on systems-related matters such as testing, integration, update, etc.

Qualifications (Academic, training, languages)
  • <span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Bachelor degree in Engineering (Industrial, Planning, Computer), Business Management, Commerce or equivalent from a recognized university.
  • <span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">IATA Certified in (Airport Slots and Scheduling) is a must.
  • <span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Capable of using technology systems and tools; proficient in Microsoft Office (Advanced Excel Skills), Internet and Web Search.
  • <span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Fluent in English, Arabic is desirable.
Work Experience

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">- 4-5 years of related working experience in the aviation   industry with at least 2 years on supervisory or mid-senior level in network fleet and schedule planning; experience with low cost airline is a plus.

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">- Proven skills in analyzing data, identifying risks and pitfalls and recommending solutions.

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">- Capable of using logical thinking to identify strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">- Capable of utilizing data to generate reports of different nature and purposes.

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">- Strong numerical ability and highly accurate

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">- Very Good Project Management Skills, capable of prioritizing responsibilities and acting in critical situations.

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">- Cost-oriented, possesses effective persuasive, negotiation, problem solving and decision making skills.

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">- Employs a balance of technical expertise, and interpersonal relations to support company’s objectives.

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">- Experienced in managing relationships at both senior/subordinate levels.

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">- Product knowledge: capability of understanding market trends and channeling them leading to effective customer care solutions.

<span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif"> - <span style="font-family:"Arial",sans-serif">Demonstrates the ability to contribute and successfully deliver against business strategy and set KPIs.

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