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Manager - Technical Services & Training

Date:  14 Jun 2024
Company:  Air Arabia PJSC (G9)

Sharjah, AE

Country:  AE

Job Purpose

Is responsible for overseeing and managing the technical services teams for Aircraft Systems, Avionics, Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Predictive Maintenance, and 
Reliability Maintenance Program. Support Engineering Teams to achieve their training, career development, regulatory and quality compliance. This role exists to ensure 
the efficient and safe operation of Air Arabia's fleet by coordinating and implementing policies, procedures, and best practices in these specialized engineering areas. 
The Manager will work within regulatory requirements and in accordance with airline policies to maintain the airworthiness and reliability of the fleet.

Key Result Responsibilities

1. Oversee and manage the technical services teams for Aircraft Systems, Avionics, Propulsion, Aircraft Structures, Predictive Maintenance, and Reliability 
Maintenance Program to ensure the safe and efficient operation of our aircraft fleet, minimize downtime, and maintain compliance with regulatory 
2. Ensure that all technical services teams are in compliance with regulatory requirements, OEM recommendations, and operational needs.
3. Overseas the evaluation and update of Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins, modifications, and repairs for the airline's fleet. Ensuring that all necessary 
safety and performance-related updates are promptly implemented to meet regulatory requirements and industry best practices.
4. Lead efforts to identify and implement corrective measures and modifications for airworthiness findings in consultation with specialized teams. Safeguarding 
the airline's reputation and minimizing operational disruptions.
5. Overseas with the Maintenance Planning department to optimize maintenance programs and ensure fleet availability, thereby enhancing operational efficiency, 
reducing downtime, and meeting passenger demand. 
6. Coordinate the introduction of new aircraft into the fleet in liaison with the Regulator for necessary approvals to ensure a smooth and compliant integration 
7. Review maintenance forecasts and ensure cost-effective planning while maintaining safety standards to optimize resource allocation, control operational costs, 
and safeguard the safety of passengers and crew.
8. Oversee the timely renewal of Certificate of Airworthiness documents for the entire fleet to guarantee uninterrupted flight operations, regulatory compliance, 
and the continued ability to provide safe and reliable air travel services to passengers.
9. Ensure the timely review and revision of the airline's Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition (CAME) to align with industry best practices and 
evolving regulations.
10. Ensures the accuracy of engine trends, oil consumption, and other predictive maintenance indicators and plan necessary maintenance actions to proactively address potential issues, enhance aircraft reliability, and minimize unplanned maintenance events. This systematic monitoring and action planning are vital for reducing operational disruptions, extending the lifespan of aircraft components, and ensuring that the airline's fleet operates at peak performance, resulting in cost savings and improved passenger satisfaction.

Key Result Responsibilities - Continued

11. Facilitate the control of maintenance costs while maintaining safety standards to achieve financial stability while ensuring continued compliance with regulatory 
and industry safety standards.
12. Manage records in compliance with company standards and civil aviation requirements, to present as and when required; and for continuous improvement in 
operational practices.
13. Utilize data from various sources to conduct analysis, identify trends, and evaluate the efficiency of airworthiness functions. To proactive address potential 
14. Prepare for audit checks and contribute in the closure of occurrence reports and audit findings, to exceed industry standards, fostering trust among regulatory 
authorities and passengers alike.
15. Liaise with external parties, including OEMs, contracted AMOs, regulatory bodies, and other stakeholders in matters related to modification, damage 
assessments, troubleshooting, and projects.
16. Oversee the development and enhancement of maintenance programs to optimize productivity and minimize costs.
17. Promote the use of technology systems and tools for efficiency and productivity.
18. Promote and ensure compliance with Quality Assurance, Safety, and Audit practices affecting aircraft continuing airworthiness.
19. Ensures all training activities are cost-effectively scheduled, run, monitored and recorded according to agreed budget and timeframes.
20. Ensures all new joiners undergo proper orientation procedures and “Induction Program”: SMS, Health and Safety, Risk Management; contributes to the 
development of senior staff in order to elevate the performance standards and inspire all employees achieve best results in their areas of operations. 
21. Oversee development of training plans and manuals in line with set objectives, highlighted competencies and agreed performance deficiencies or development 
22. Lead by example, motivates and maintains a competent and high performing team, capable of meeting current and future business needs; Coach & Mentors 
team members for their career and professional development.
23. Manages performance through objective setting, continuous support, feedback and formal reviews to ensure business objectives & KPI requirements are met.
24. Responsible for ensuring adequate staffing is in place and in line with the business plan to meet the operational needs of the department.
25. Perform any other tasks required and assigned by the line manager.
Note – The role defined here is not exhaustive and duties and responsibilities in line with the job function may be added from time to time.

Qualifications (Academic, training, languages)

Minimum bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as 
Aircraft/Aeronautical/Aerospace/Mechanical/Electronics/Electrical Engineering, or 

Work Experience

at least 10 years of experience in Aircraft Engineering and/or 
Maintenance in the Aviation industry; including minimum 5 years of experience in a 
management role.

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