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Manager - Fleet Management

Date:  14 Jun 2024
Company:  Air Arabia PJSC (G9)

Sharjah, AE

Country:  AE

Job Purpose

  • To develop asset management strategies regarding investment in owned and leased aircraft and engines to achieve the best operational and economic outcome over the life of the asset.
  • To formulate commercial strategies, and lead discussions with OEM’s, MRO’s, and lessors in relation to contracts.
  • To develop feasibility studies, evaluate and manage new projects within the Air Arabia Group.
  • Project manage the team to ensure Air Arabia Group aircrafts’ delivery and redelivery process and planning is developed to successfully execute the project.

Key Result Responsibilities

  • Assist with the project management of the definition and timely execution of Air Arabia aircrafts’ “Delivery and Redelivery” with focus on cost-effectiveness, quality, conformity, and legality of all actions executed. Ensures Work Packs are all run according to signed contracts and SLAs, and the aircraft meet agreed terms and conditions. This process would also include ensuring suitable MRO slots are obtained for any redelivery.
  • Assist with the project management of new asset related projects as assigned including developing feasibility studies, process and procedures, as well as action plans when and as needed in coordination with both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Manage the day-to-day partnership with all required internal stakeholders, including but not limited to Engineering & Maintenance, Quality Assurance, Procurement, Cabin, and Legal Department to finalize delivery/redelivery formalities including contracts and other documentation to ensure cost, risk, legal, penalties, technical aspects and specifications are all covered within the agreed terms and conditions.
  • Assist with the development of the specifications for aircraft to be purchased or leased by Air Arabia in coordination with the hubs and other internal stakeholder functions.
  • Maintain effective and positive relationships with the Manufacturers, OEMs, Delegated Inspectors, MROs, Lessors, and Vendors to ensure all phases pertaining to aircrafts delivery and re-delivery are being properly planned, implemented and evaluated by the project team.
  • Assist with ensuring, via the chosen oversight mechanism, the production of aircraft in the Manufacturers’ plants is in line with agreed specifications prescribed within the signed contracts. Coordinate oversight of the inspection of new aircraft built at the section level and at the FAL “Final Assembly Line” to ensure any defects found have been satisfactorily resolved. 
  • Support in evaluating the aircraft build during the “Production Phase” taking into consideration MSCN’s (Manufacturer Specification Change Notices” and SCN’s “Specification Change Notices” proposed for embodiment on new deliveries; analyze any changes in coordination with stakeholders, manufacturer and vendors; and negotiate and recommend corrective measures and solutions to protect the company’s interests.

Key Result Responsibilities - Continued

  • Is the day-today point of contact with lessors’ management for the delivery / redelivery of aircraft to ensure contract requirements are delivered, agrees on manpower requirement with Head of Technical Services and Flight Ops, provides management support to the Air Arabia personnel on the ground, and negotiates the delivery / redelivery acceptance cert in conjunction with the Head of Technical Services.
  • Generate function-related reports to highlight progress/delay in any delivery or redelivery and act accordingly. Raise the necessary RFC’s “Requests for Changes”, RFR’s “Requests for Reworks” in line with approved Manufacturer’s procedures or as required by lease clauses while managing the cost of same.
  • Assist in the technical acceptance process of aircraft deliveries and redeliveries by coordinating the various internal and external stakeholders to ensure a smooth delivery and induction, or redelivery of the aircraft. 
  • Liaise with the relevant internal functions to monitor the performance of the aircraft pre- and post-delivery to highlight to Airbus, or the lessor any quality issues identified and ensure the necessary preventive measures and solutions such as replacements and redesign are implemented for all short-, medium-, and long-term matters, and costs are assigned as per the contract.

Education & Relevant Experience

  • Degree in Aviation, Engineering, or other related qualification, preferably with a post graduate business qualification.
  • Qualification in Aircraft Asset Management would be advantageous.
  • 10+ years of overall experience with minimum 3 years in a management role handling aircraft procurement and project management of aircraft End of Lease processes.

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