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Flight Alert Supervisor

Date:  25-Nov-2022
Company:  Air Arabia PJSC (G9)

Sharjah, AE

Country:  AE

Job Purpose

To lead, supervise, motivate and support the Notify Team in their daily work by developing effective alert process, identifying problems and disruptions, recommending and implementing effective solutions to ensure continuity of business and positive corporate image thereby leading to enhancing customers’ experience and increasing sales, whilst ensuring productivity is in line with set measures and company’s adopted policies and procedures. 

Key Result Responsibilities

  1. Plans Notify Teams’ duty roster, coordinates activities, monitors performance, and provides continuous support and coaching. Raise the morale of the team when under pressure. Develops the efficiency of the team by setting performance and sales targets.
  1. Assists the team in achieving their individual/group targets by providing guidance and information on inquiries, modifications, cancellations and customer complaints to ensure customers’ satisfaction. Audits teams’ performance related to deviation from policy to ensure no mal-practice.
  1. Manages delayed flights in terms of connection inquiries, availability of alternate flights, and hotel accommodation for long transits. Coordinates with Operations/Dispatch on necessary changes and approvals.
  1. Handles customer complaints received from CRM Section pertaining to over bookings, flight delays, flights interlining, cancellations, misconnections, etc. ensuring proper solutions are applied as per adopted policies and procedures.
  1. Escalates complaints to respective departments for settlement as needed. Verifies the validity and nature of complaints; processes and follows up on cancellations, refunds payments and credit reimbursements in coordination with Finance Division ensuring corrective measures are processed and applied as per adopted policies and procedures.
  1. Employs negotiation skills to convince internal or external partners/passengers accept changes on flight dates for planned alerts resulting from flight overbooking; freezes bookings in case of misconnections and ensures passengers are protected on alternative flights.

Key Result Responsibilities - Continued

  1. Initiates/ follows up on schedule changes and un-planned notifications to all stakeholders using SMS and email alerts; rectifies misconnections in case of cancellations, delays, and early departures by coordinating with Operations/Transfer Desk. 
  1. Manages all correspondences related to schedule changes and keeping the stakeholders (Alpha Catering Group, GSA’s, Call Center Agents, Sales Support & Sales Office) informed.
  1. Communicates and shares the PNLs (Passengers Name List) and ADLs (Additional Name List) pertaining to all hubs in case of errors in Sharjah (E5, 3O, G9).  Notifies Operations with Short Connections for early departures (less than 40 minutes) that do not appear on the DCS.
  1. Identifies the “No-Show Passengers” due to flight changes with respective airports; modifies bookings and processes refunds; handles the re-bookings of sick passengers/ mentally unstable/ family of deceased.
  1. Manages the network re-bookings of all (DBP), denied -boarding passengers, caused by over bookings of flights. Responds to Visa Check Team/ Outstations emails and requests related to holding PNRs due to INAD cases resulting from visa issues, blacklisted, false visa, etc. 
  1. Checks the technical facilities to ensure smooth operations and efficiency.  Monitors SMS delivery system report; coordinates with ISA support and IT team to rectify errors in reservations system or PNR's and SMS delivery failure if any.
  1. Prepares function related statistical and performance weekly/monthly reports such as DNB's (Denied Boarding Passengers due to overbooking), Insurance Refunds, and SMS/Email sent Notifications.
  1. Performs any additional responsibilities as advised by the Line Manager.

Qualifications (Academic, training, languages)

  • Bachelor degree in Management or equivalent.
  • Capable of using technology systems and tools; proficient in Microsoft Office.

Work Experience

  • 4+ years of related working experience in a similar role in customer relations or customer care in any service industry, preferably in aviation; experience with low cost airline is a plus.
  • Proven skills in analyzing data, identifying pitfalls and recommending cost-effective solutions.
  • Cost-oriented, possesses effective persuasive, negotiation, problem solving and decision making skills.
  • Employs a balance of technical expertise, and interpersonal relations to execute new initiatives that support company’s objectives.
  • Capability of understanding market trends and channeling them leading to effective customer care solutions.
  • Possesses effective communication skills that enable him/her utilize in building sales techniques.
  • Capable of understanding customers’ problems and directing them in the right channel.
  • Capable of identifying problems and immediately reacting to situations of different nature such as angry customers, complaints and special requests.
  • Ability to work for long hours and under pressure and ad-hoc situations.
  • Demonstrates the ability to contribute and successfully deliver against business strategy and set KPIs.


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