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Cabin Supervisor

Date:  12 Jun 2024
Company:  Air Arabia Egypt (E5)

Cairo, EG

Country:  EG

Job Purpose

Acts as the Airline’s ambassador; strives to achieve customers’ loyalty and to always promote a positive corporate image, through enhancing the overall customers’ experience. Ensures all needs of passengers including services, safety, security, comfort, and wellbeing are catered by the Cabin Crew throughout the complete flight cycle.  Ensures the Cabin Crew are ready and fit to fly, in line with set measures and company’s adopted policies and procedures. 

Key Result Responsibilities

General Conduct:

  • Monitors the Cabin Crew overall performance for the complete cycle of the assigned flight, this includes but not limited to: licensing, documentation, conduct, performance and general conditions ensuring all comply with respective Civil Aviation Authority’s regulations, provisions, and in line with the Airline’s adopted policies and SOPs.
  • Liaises with the line manager/ Administrator/Captain and Dispatch team on all flight details ensuring Cabin Crew members are well prepared and informed with required information prior to boarding as per the Airline’s and Civil Aviation Authority’s standards of practice.
  • Ensures timely attendance, proper grooming, fitness and legality of self and Cabin Crew members for the assigned flights. Conducts “Briefing” to ensure members are acknowledged with flight details, distribution of roles, targets, safety/security checks, boarding, etc.
  • Coaches and guides the Cabin Crew on board to ensure better understanding and performance of duties and responsibilities.
  •  Accounts to Captain for the conduct of passengers and Cabin Crew as needed.

Safety Measures:

  • Monitors the Cabin Crew duties and activities on ground and on aircraft to ensure their safety, security and wellbeing as per prescribed manual procedures. Carries out the necessary safety, security, fuel, weight, and other checks for the cabin and reports ‘cabin secure’ or ‘cabin not secure’ at prescribed times.
  • Supervises the instructions given to passengers by the Cabin Crew on safety procedures and ensures they are properly followed to secure passengers’ safety and comfort at all times; confirms cabin safety to passengers in case of emergencies.
  • Takes necessary prompt remedial action to handle safety and security risks or irregularities and malfunctions in accordance with the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures); supervises Cabin Crew members providing first aid to passengers where necessary.

Key Result Responsibilities - Continued

Customer Service:

  • Manages all the customer services provided in-flight; strives to provide excellent customer services experience to passengers by ensuring their individual requests and needs are timely and adequately attended to by Cabin Crew members.
  • Guides and supports Crew handling passengers experiencing stress or difficulties in accordance with the corresponding policies and procedures detailed in the Operations Manual and other relevant instructions.  Assesses situations to interfere and solve problems; raises issues to Captain when needed.
  • Supervises passengers boarding formalities to ensure smooth and safe boarding on each and every assigned flight; makes sure all necessary data are entered to the aircraft logbook as per Airline’s and Civil Aviation Authority’s adopted policies and procedures.
  • Motivates the Cabin Crew members to achieve individual and team sales targets and maximize on-board revenue and charity/ CSR program.
  • Ensures proper and secure handling of cash and credit card payments received against individual sales and donations managed by him/her.

Crosschecking and Reports:

  • Supervises/ carries out pre-flight safety/security/equipment checks to ensure sufficient fuel and supplies, emergency equipment, catering equipment and other specified equipment prior to take off.
  • Notes down any deficiencies identified or reported to him/her by Cabin Crew, acknowledges Captain as appropriate.
  • Ensures the aircraft cabin is cleaned thoroughly at transit stations and that adequate re-catering and duty-free products are provided before flying.
  • Supervises the orderly and complete handover/takeover of the cabin to/from catering, cleaning or maintenance staff. Reports to Captain any problems or security hazards on flight whenever they arise.
  • Maintains necessary professional and safety knowledge and competitiveness by attending recurrent trainings, emergency procedures trainings, and educational workshops and by ensuring current license.
  • Contributes to team effort by ensuring the accomplishment of expected results and the achievement of allocated sales targets and objectives.

Qualifications (Academic, training, languages)

  • Diploma or Higher Secondary Certificate is acceptable for this role; a diploma in Travel/ Tourism is a plus.
  • Active cabin crew license is a must.
  • Training in First Aid, Safety and Emergency Procedures are a must.
  • Fit to fly, has good general health, no serious medical conditions, or chronic diseases.
  • Very good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Excellent time management and problem-solving skills.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office.
  • Fluent in English Language and local languages in country of employment, other languages are an advantage.

Work Experience

  • 1-2 years of related working experience as a Cabin Crew in any airline out of which 1 year at least in the capacity of Senior Cabin Crew/Cabin Supervisor; experience with low-cost airline is a plus.
  • Familiar with Civil Aviation regulations pertaining to legality and time limits for the cabin crew, licensing, and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures, Flight Operations, Security, Safety and Ground Operations Policies and Procedures; respective Civil Aviation Authority experience is considered an advantage.
  • Familiar with IATA principles & standards relating to security.
  • Presentable, friendly, demonstrates cheerful and positive attitude even under stress.
  • Customer service oriented with diplomatic tact skills, capable of understanding and attending to customers’ needs and requests.
  • Capable of working in shift pattern and for extended working hours.
  • Shows high flexibility and adaptability to frequent changes and busy schedules.
  • A balanced personality, composed, handles difficult situations such as angry customers, threats, and emergency cases with focus, analytical thinking, efficiency and commitment to successful safe results.
  • Capable of leading others how to perform against approved standards.
  • Dependable, proactive and self-motivated, takes ownership and demonstrates teamwork competency, energy and enthusiasm.
  • Cost-oriented, possesses effective problem solving and decision-making skills.
  • Demonstrates the ability to contribute and successfully deliver against policies, procedures, and set KPIs.

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